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COVID-19 Scan for Jan 26, 2021

High COVID antibodies noted in public service, especially in jail staff, EMTs While 10.1% of first responders and public service personnel in New York City reported positive COVID test results, 22.5% had COVID-19–specific…

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News Scan for Jan 25, 2021

French study finds high antibiotic use in COVID-19 patients Antibiotics were widely prescribed to hospitalized COVID-19 patients at Dijon University Hospital in France during the first wave of the pandemic but did not…

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COVID-19 Scan for Jan 25, 2021

NFL COVID-19 tracking yields lessons for fine-tuning control measures An intensive COVID-19 prevention and surveillance system that the National Football League (NFL) put in place this season identified certain types of risky in-club…

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News Scan for Jan 22, 2021

Reports detail pediatric eye injuries related to hand sanitizer As the pandemic has made hand sanitizer ubiquitous, perhaps it was inevitable that clinicians would report sanitizer-related eye injuries in children. Two brief studies…

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